We’re excited for Fall Getaway! We’ll be staying in a home in Ponte Vedra. Join us for a beautiful weekend of worship, fellowship, food, and more! Please use the link below to sign up. If you have trouble with the link, email gabi@campustocity.org. You can also use the PayPal button below to pay. You do not have to pay to register, so go ahead and lock in your $25 price!

Fall Getaway
September 22-23
Jacksonville (Ponte Vedra)
$25 if you sign up by Sept. 17 
$38 if you sign up after Sept. 17

Please list dietary restrictions below. (If no dietary restrictions, type "N/A")

Please list below any physical health, mental health, or medications information the retreat leader should know. This information will be kept confidential.(If no health information, type "N/A")