Everyday Gospel | Episode 1

Welcome to the first episode of the Everyday Gospel podcast! In this episode, Derrick talks with Jacksonville University Professor Brian Lane on God, physics, and the classroom.

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Show Notes

About Brian (1:01)

Brian’s come to faith experience (3:11)

Brian’s change to physics (5:30)

Brian’s undergrad at JU and the intersection of physics and faith (8:15)

Was there a support system with this melding (10:10)

Resolving the controversial issues (11:30)

Was there a struggle around whether or not to go into ministry? (16:14)

Was there a time that you knew you were in the right place? (18:28)

How long was Brian teaching? (23:18)

What does Brian see in students and the receptivity of students? (23:43)

Survey of students (24:53)

What should people unfamiliar with physics appreciate about the study of physics?(31:10)

Favorite scripture (33:27)

How to connect to Brian (34:23)


Students know what physicists believe, but they don’t agree 

My blog post for ESN

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